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Interested in surface mount soldering - or just a glutton for punishment? This is a good kit to get started, or hone your SMD skills, designed by 43oh member CubeBerg. All parts are provided in 0805 size or SOIC - good for a beginner. All parts are included in the kit. LEDs are arranged as common-cathode. Code samples are available for both Energia and Code Composer Studio.

ID The SMD LED Matrix BoosterPack Kit
Forum 43oh Forum Thread
Versions v1.0
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  • Fits the MSP430 Launchpad.
  • Blue SMD LEDs
  • Allows you to test/practice your SMD skills
  • Cool Conways' Game Of Life demo - Instant Geek cred

Hardware revisions

Hardware Changelog
  • Initial Revision.


Hardware Software

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Assembly instructions


The LEDs should be placed with the Cathode (-) placed towards the bottom of the board. For blue LEDs provided in the kit from the 43oh store, the green mark on the front designates the Cathode, the arrow on the back also points towards the Cathode.

33 Ohm Resistors

The 33 ohm resistors should be placed on the back of the PCB in the two areas marked as "LED Resistors"

1K Ohm Resistors

This is the single resistor included in the kit. This should be placed on the back of the PCB in the spot marked as "1K". This is located next to the LED Resistors

1.5K Ohm Resistors

These 8 resistors are placed on the front of the PCB at the bottom in the area marked as "R-Transistor"


Transistors come pre-soldered on the kit. An error on the original design resulted in a backwards footprint. Components were soldered upside-down ahead of time for ease of assembly

Shift Registers

The two IC's included with the kit should be soldered on the back of the PCB. The top of the component is marked on the silkscreen.