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! scope="col" | Software
! scope="col" | Software
| v1.0 || [[File:LEDMatrix.zip]]
| v1.0 || [[File:LEDMatrix.zip Code Samples]]

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Msp430 smd led matrix boosterpack.jpg

Interested in surface mount soldering - or just a glutton for punishment? This is a good kit to get started, or hone your SMD skills, designed by 43oh member CubeBerg. All parts are provided in 0805 size or SOIC - good for a beginner. All parts are included in the kit. LEDs are arranged as common-cathode. Code samples are available for both Energia and Code Composer Studio.

ID The SMD LED Matrix BoosterPack Kit
Forum 43oh Forum Thread
Versions v1.0
Buy @The 43oh Store


  • Fits the MSP430 Launchpad.
  • Blue SMD LEDs
  • Allows you to test/practice your SMD skills
  • Cool Conways' Game Of Life demo - Instant Geek cred

Hardware revisions

Hardware Changelog
  • Initial Revision.


Hardware Software
v1.0 File:LEDMatrix.zip Code Samples