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Nrf24 customized irq sm.jpg

The board is a boosterpack to enable use of the Nordic Semiconductor 2.4GHz "nRF24L01+" proprietary RF transceivers with your LaunchPad. It was designed by member spirilis.

ID The nRF24L01+ Radio BoosterPack
Forum 43oh Forum Thread
Versions v1.0
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Hardware Links Libraries
v1.0 Gerbers MSP430 C lib Energia lib


  • Supports rectangular 8-pin and 10-pin modules typically sold by Chinese sellers
  • Supports 8-pin linear pinout sold by SparkFun
  • Pinout has the transceiver pointing away from the LaunchPad to facilitate stacking of BoosterPacks
  • Pads for PTH electrolytic capacitor and/or SMD ceramic capacitor included between Vcc and GND to allow user to add capacitance in case the transceiver is having trouble with voltage droop
  • Status LEDs with associated drive transistors + resistors for visual monitoring of SPI SCLK traffic and nRF24 IRQ lines
  • Only USCI_B SPI is supported as the SCLK line is hardwired to the SPI_B_SCLK logical pin on the LaunchPad headers
  • SPI MOSI, MISO wired to USCI_B pinout by default; solder-jumpers are used which may be cut and alternate solder-jumpers are included to enable the USI pinout for MOSI/MISO
  • nRF24's CE, CSN, IRQ lines default to P2.0, P2.1 and P2.2 respectively but their solder jumpers may be cut and rewired as needed
  • Breakout pads for the outer LaunchPad pins are included to enable easy remapping of the CE, CSN, IRQ lines. MOSI and MISO can be remapped this way too if you choose.
  • Pass-through pads are included to allow passing through of inner header pins for 40-pin LaunchPad XL boosterpacks.