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Connecting the WireFree WiFi Boosterpack to Cosm

The WireFree BoosterPack allows you to connect the Wiznet WizFi210 WiFi chip to the Launchpad. The primary interface for this chip is via serial RS232 commands. The Wiznet WizFi210 WiFi BoosterPack can be purchased at The 43oh Store and the module can be purchased at Wiznet or at this link. This application note will help you connect the Stellaris Launchpad to the online logging service Cosm(formerly Paschube)

Wifi boosterpack launchpad 43oh cosm.PNG

Step 1

Follow all the steps detailed in the WireFree WiFi BoosterPack page, and then comeback here.

Step 2

Create an account on Cosm(formerly Paschube).

Step 3

Click the blue "+Device/Feed" and select Arduino.

Wizfi210 43oh launchpad wifi boosterpack Cosm deviceFeed.PNG

  1. Enter a Title. Say for eg, SG-1 Command Center
  2. Tags can be left empty
  3. Click Create. A box will pop up with some Arduino code, you may close it safely.

Wizfi210 43oh launchpad wifi boosterpack Cosm Create.PNG

Step 4

  • Your screen should look like the following image:

Wizfi210 43oh launchpad wifi boosterpack Cosm deviceFeedCreated.PNG

  • Now click on the blue Datastream icon and name your datastream as "GateID"
  • Click on your username in the top right. Click the arrow to expand its contents. Click keys. The latest created key will be on the top.

Wizfi210 43oh launchpad wifi boosterpack Cosm Key.PNG

    • Copy and save the key in a text file.
    • Also note your FeedID. In this application note case, it is 118437. Make a note of it.

Step 5

  • Import this project into CCS and open main.c
    • Look up UARTSend((unsigned char *)"AT+WA=WIFI_NAME\r", 1); and replace WIFI_NAME with wireless name of your network.
    • Look up UARTSend((unsigned char *)"AT+WWEP1=WIFI_KEY\r", 1); and replace WIFI_KEY with the wireless network WEP Key.
    • Look up UARTSend((unsigned char *)"FEED_ID.csv HTTP/1.1\r\n",1); and replace 118437 with the feed id you noted in Step 4.
    • Look up UARTSend((unsigned char *)"X-ApiKey: API_KEY\r\n",1); and replace the key with the API_KEYyou noted in Step 4.

Compile the program and download it to the Launchpad.

Step 6

  • Open a serial terminal and connect to the Launchpad @115200, no parity, 8 bits and 1 stop bit.
  • Click the run arrow in CCS. You should see the following details pop up as the wifi chip connects to Cosm.

Wizfi210 43oh launchpad wifi boosterpack serial terminal.PNG

Step 7

You should now see your Cosm screen updating. If you want to make sure that your data is coming in to Cosm, click the debug link under your username on the upper right. Wizfi210 43oh launchpad wifi boosterpack cosm example.png