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The WireFree BoosterPack allows you to connect the Wiznet WizFi210 WiFi chip to the Launchpad. The primary interface for this chip is via serial RS232 commands. The Wiznet WizFi210 WiFi module can be purchased at Wiznet or at this link.

ID The WireFree BoosterPack
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Versions v1.0
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Example Connecting to Cosm


  • Fits the MSP430/Stellaris Launchpad.
  • Current code supports the Stellaris Launchpad.
  • Serial to WiFi Commands.


Hardware Software
v1.0 v1.0

Connecting the WireFree BoosterPack to the Stellaris Launchpad

Step 1

Purchase the WizFi210 module from online vendors. You may get one from Wiznet or Saleig here. The WiFi BoosterPack PCB is can be purchased from the 43oh Store linked in the above table at the start of the page.

Step 2

  • Solder 10-pin male or female header to the WireFree PCB on headers J1 and J2.

  • Bridge solder joints SJ3 and SJ4 at the back of the board.
    • On the Stellaris Launchpad, they connect the WiFi serial lines to UART1 - PB0(RX) and PB1(TX) on the Stellaris micro-controller.
    • On the MSP430 Launchpad, they connect the WiFi serial lines to (P1.1)UCA0RXD and (P1.2)UCA0TXD on the MSP430G2553 micro-controller.

Wizfi210 43oh launchpad wifi boosterpack jumper.PNG

  • No support components are needed to get the purchased module to work. Align the WizFi210 module as shown in the bottom picture and solder up the pads. Click the image below for a larger version.

Wizfi210 43oh launchpad wifi boosterpack 1.PNG

Step 3

The linked example software above allows the WiFi BoosterPack to send data over to Cosm(formerly Paschube). You can find the application note here.

Wifi boosterpack launchpad 43oh cosm.PNG