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The SMD ProtoPad BoosterPack 2.PNG

The ProtopadSMD is a prototyping BoosterPack for the MSP430 Launchpad with SMD footprints.

ID The ProtopadSMD
Forum 43oh Forum Thread
Versions v1.0
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  • Fits the MSP430 Launchpad.
  • 40-pin SOIC (0.1" to 0.6" width) or 40-pin 0.65 pitch TSSOP (0.1" to 0.4" width,) can fit few smaller chips.
  • Four 6-pin SOT-363 or SOT-457, can use for SOT-23, SOT-353, SOT-753, and similar.
  • 9 single 0805 components.
  • 6 single 3528 components.
  • 4 0805 dividers/debouncers (connected between Vcc and GND.)
  • 2 two 0805 components in series.
  • 4 two 0805 components in series with one end common, for LEDs for example.
  • 1 0805 bridge.
  • Several connected solder pads.
  • Most of 0805s are 2 in parallel, one on top and one on the bottom.
  • Some of the supported TSSOP packages:
    • PW (R-PDSO-G**), DA (R-PDSO-G**), DAP (R-PDSO-G**), PWP (R-PDSO-G**), G** is G40 or less
  • Some of the TSSOPs that are NOT supported:
    • DBT (R-PDSO-G**), DL (R-PDSO-G**), basically none of 0.5 or 0.635 pitch. Some smaller packages should fit, 8-pin for example.


Hardware Software
v1.0 N.A

Connecting the ProtopadSMD