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Msp430 nanopad launchpad main.jpg

The Nanopad is the creation of Robg,a member of the 43oh Forum. It is a miniature version(2.4cm*2cm) of the Launchpad and can accept controllers from the MSP430G series family. You will have to cut the boads with an xacto once you receive them.

ID The NanoPad
Forum 43oh Forum Thread
Versions v1.0
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  • Two MSP430 boards,
  • DC/DC step down board,
  • Dual power transistor board (SOT-223,)
  • TLC5916/5917/59208F board (constant current LED sink driver, I2C LED driver,)
  • ULN2803/TLC59210/59211/59212/59213 board (high current darlington, sink driver with latch, source driver with latch)


Hardware Software
v1.0 N.A


Board cutting example.