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The MTK3339 GPS Boosterpack is the ideal GPS locator for your Launchpad. The MTK3339 Model comes with <2minute gps acquisition from a hotstart. The BoosterPack also comes with a breakout header in case you do not want to use the Launchpad, but interface it with another micro-controller.

ID The Locator - MTK3339 GPS BoosterPack
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Versions v1.0
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  • CR1225 battery holder
  • Solder jumpers in case you wish to switch MSP430 pins
  • 3D Fix indicator LED to indicate a successful dix.
  • PPS/RX/TX/3DFix/VCC and GND pins broken out.


Hardware Software Datasheet
v1.0 v1.0 MTK3339 PA6C

Note : Don't worry if your board says v0.1. When the version number went from 0.1 to 1.0, the board moved from testing to production, hence the rev change.