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LiPoBoosterPack msp430 launchpad 43oh standalone usb side.JPG

This is a LiPo BoosterPack - The Booster, since it is a power pack This is a perfect power source for wireless projects or for those times you need to be away from a PC.

ID The Booster - LiPo Battery Pack USB Charger
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Versions v1.0
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Hardware Software
v1.0 [N.A]


  • USB connector for charging
  • Sits over the MSP430 Launchpad and below the Stellaris/C2000 Launchpad with pass-through(excluding inner row for C2000/Stellaris) for all pins including power.
  • Switch to turn power on/off when in battery mode. When shutdown via a switch, power consumption by the LDO is 0.1uA typical.
  • Charges LiPo battery to 4.2V. Support for one cell.
  • Onboard LDO Microchip MCP1252. Provides 3.3V, 120mA output.
  • Lipo charger is based around Microchip MCP73831
  • Charge status LED
  • Spans the length of the Launchpad to accommodate different LiPo battery sizes.