BoosterPack:2.2" LCD Display with Touch Panel

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Boosterpack lcd touch-22tlcd-v2-front.png

The board will work with two types of displays, one with touch screen and one without. TSC2046/ADS7846 controller or MCU’s analog inputs can be used to process touch events.

ID The 2.2" LCD Touch BoosterPack
Forum 43oh Forum Thread
Versions v1.0
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  • Fits the MSP430 and Stellaris Launchpads.
  • Touch capability
  • 176 x 220 Dots 262K Colors


Hardware Software
v1.0 v?.?

Soldering the LCD to the BoosterPack

Taken from this post.

  • Put the PCB and LCD on a foam or cardboard and then put two pins in the guiding holes.
  • Slightly push or pull LCD module to align the pads.
  • Apply little flux in the middle and press with a finger.
  • Solder few middle pads, quick touch should do the trick.
  • Apply more flux and use screwdriver to apply pressure before soldering remaining pads.